When buying double glazing the majority of homeowners have said that their main aim was to either increase the warmth of their home or to lower their energy bills.  When asked, around 41% of people said that warmth was a key factor, with 44% citing energy bills as their top reason for purchasing their double glazing.

However, double glazing is a big expense so it is vital that you make the right decisions based on your individual needs.  In order to help answer all of your most burning questions we surveyed thousands of homeowners and asked them for their honest opinions regarding the double glazing firm they chose for their own homes.

We received reviews for the top double glazing companies including Everest, Anglian and Safestyle.  So before you make that crucial decision be sure to check our results.  With customer scores ranging from 64% at the very top right down to 54% for the bottom scorers it is well worth taking the time to do some essential research.

What are the benefits of double glazing?

A single glazed window is just one layer of glass compared to double glazing where two panes.  In between the two panes of glass there is a layer or either air or a gas such as argon.  Double glazing has a number of key benefits:

  • Warm air is kept inside, resulting in fewer drafts, and because your property is well insulated, it helps reduce heating bills.
  • Noise reduction – double glazing will reduce the amount of noise you hear from outside.
  • Less condensation will form on the inside of windows.
  • It is more secure – double glazing is tougher than single glazing and a lot harder to break.
  • When looking for the most efficient form of double glazing choose the brands that have gas (eg, argon) in between the panes of glass.  Also check for Low-E – low emissivity glass.  This type of double glazing uses a reflective coating to keep sunlight inside the home.

Are there benefits to triple glazing my windows?

Triple glazing has a third pane of glass so therefore has a higher capacity to keep the home warm and also reduce the sound from outside.  The use of different types of gas in between the panes can increase heat loss reduction and again, the use of Low-E glass helps keep sunlight inside.

Of course, triple glazing is more expensive and cost can be prohibitive especially to do a whole house or to upgrade a conservatory.  If you are particularly keen on triple glazing look at those rooms that are the coldest or where you have more outside noise.

To discover what the big companies like Anglian, Everest and Safestyle offer just visit our individual company pages.

What about secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing is an option for some homes particularly if you are unable to install double glazing.  Secondary glazing installs another pane of glass directly behind your existing window.  If you live in a listed building you may not be permitted to install double glazing so secondary glazing may well be your best option.  Although it is not as effective as double glazing, can help save money on heating and keep you warmer.  Another advantage is that is a much cheaper to fit than full double glazing.