Tarmac driveways are an excellent alternative to the concrete or block paving alternatives. Tarmac driveways are even more financially viable because homes or offices with a large piece of land for a long drive offer a cheaper solution than block paving or concreted drive ports.

Therefore, the bigger your driveway is, the more cost effective tarmac will be as opposed to alternative solutions. But there are those who have a need to make their front garden more inviting and add kerb appeal to the street. Many will reconsider tarmac driveways because they find the black colour of the aggregate a little too formal. Well, there is some great news for those who don’t like the idea of a black driveway – have it coloured!

Colours & Styles

Tarmac driveways can just as easily come in a range of colours from green, red, blue and even yellow, if that’s what really takes your fancy? Tarmac driveways can be made to resemble a different colour by adding coloured aggregates. However, it is well worth considering that any oil leaks you might have underneath your car will stain badly on a garish-coloured driveway (it’s just worth a thought when you come to redesigning your tarmac drive).

Where Can You Use Tarmac?

Tarmac driveways can be built almost for any type of area. Although this type of aesthetic driveway features strongly in many a four-bedroom home in a leafy suburb, the surfaces also regular appear in caravan parks, country estates, link roads to factories, aircraft hangars and even castle grounds.

Remember, the larger the area used for tarmac, the greater the cost effectiveness of the driveways can be. It is also worth noting that tarmac can be recycled over and over again, so any repair and maintenance work can be achieved at a lost cost and by reusing materials and aggregates you are being kind on the environment.

What is it all made from?

A prudent mixture of bitumen and mineral total. It really has been gaining popularity in recent years. The driveways offer so many benefits that is really is a no-brainer to not have one. Tarmac is really made from a strong material.

A driveway made of tarmac will last an exceptionally long time. It will even outlast you. Regardless of the weather conditions be they rain wind, hail, snow or ice, the tarmac driveways handles the lot.

If you cannot decide between a straight driveway and a curved one then look at the space in your garden area and consider what would be best suited.